T-Touch Connect Solar

A culture of innovation

The launch of the T-Touch Connect Solar is a reminder that Tissot has always been heavily involved in research and the creation of new solutions. Its inventiveness and ability to think outside the box have constantly delivered practical results. These are the fruit of an innovative watchmaking culture that gave rise to the brand’s slogan: “Innovators by Tradition”.


And so it is that Tissot never stops using its imagination. In 1951, the brand invented a self-winding watch mechanism with simultaneous display of twenty-four time zones, a combination of the comprehensive, the economical and the ergonomic. The Tissot Navigator was fitted with this mechanism, thus revolutionising multi-zone time reading, while still keeping prices low. This drive to provide functions that are ahead of their time led Tissot to create the Tissot T-Touch in 1999.

Developed by the Research and Development departments of its parent company, the Swatch Group, the Tissot T-Touch was a real breakthrough. It adapted a fledgling technology, touch control, to wristwatch format. It broke the ergonomic boundaries set by multifunction watches. And thus was born a collection of watches with countless apps, of which a host of different versions will be launched, including a version for the visually impaired.


On the back of the success of this watch, which surpassed all expectations, Tissot joined forces in 2005 with Microsoft. When mobile communication technology was still in its infancy, the American giant launched a programme for connected watches on its MSN Direct network. The Tissot High-T was designed on the same principle as the T-Touch family with the addition of RDS signal reception, enabling the wearer to get information such as weather forecasts, sports results and news.

The High-T was thus a smartwatch ahead of its time, being connected, interactive and tactile. But the network infrastructure provided by Microsoft, being practically non-existent outside of a few major cities, put paid to the project. And now, in 2020, true to its tradition, Tissot has once more taken up the torch of innovation to launch the T-Touch Connect Solar.

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